What is the difference between my Uncle and EllaBella Productions?

EllaBella Productions has attended many educational and industry classes to make us experts in what we do. Not only do we have staff members with degrees from technical schools for video & production but we also have professionals who used to teach videography in Chicago. Now that’s experience! Couple this experience with brand new state-of-the-art production offices, we think we are pretty great.


Most family members who film video are not able to capture live audio effectively and edit video in an efficient manner. Does your family member have back-up equipment? What about extra batteries so that the camera does not run out at the most special part of the ceremony.


Not enough can be said about commercial equipment. The video camera(s) we bring to your event will be of a professional grade. It actually is made for your event. Most family member video cameras only use 1 chip imaging sensors whereas our equipment will provide you with at least 3 chip imaging sensors.

What about editing, how does that work?

Back in our offices we utilize Apple computers combined with Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro software. Did you know that Hollywood Studios use the same type of software to create blockbusters?

What style of filming style does EllaBella Productions Prefer?

Our style has nothing to do with our products. Instead this relationship is about sharing expectations. Let us communicate what we have done in past and what you have seen and together we will build and produce a video that will receive 5 golden stars by all who watch it repeatedly.

Will you help us put together a timeline of events for our ceremony & reception?

Absolutely! We will work with your other vendors to ensure we obtain all events that were communicated. We are people behind the camera who care about you, your guests and all the people working together to create a most memorable event.


Not only will we provide you with personal service but we also will provide you with specialty online solutions that you will be able to log into. You will be able to plan out your event with these tools and also preview work if you choose that to be a part of your package. We love helping you plan out your experience.

If we want the videographer to film longer, what do we do?

All you have to do is ask! We love filming!

What will the videographer wear that day and evening to our event?

It is up to you. At a recent wedding, our bride and groom requested that we wear Hawaiian outfits with flip flops. We accommodated their request. More often than not though, we wear comfortable outfits that are appropriate for formal occasions.

What time will the videographer arrive for our event or project?

We base everything off of when your first guest will walk in the room for a ceremony or reception. We always arrive 1-2 hours before every event starts.


We even attend rehearsal sessions at no additional charge. The other videography companies do not do that!

Do we need to offer the videographer a meal?

Most of our commercial and wedding customers provide us with at least a vendor meal.

What is the deposit amount and when is it due?

We give you the option of a $50 deposit or 50% of the total agreed price. It’s up to you!

When should we pay the balance?

Balance is due anytime before the event. We do not accept payments the day of a project or event.

Do you have back-up equipment?

These are essential pieces of equipment that we bring with us anytime our company leaves our offices. Not only do we have back-up equipment, but we also never need to use it.

Do you use a written contract?

YES, YES, YES! This is imperative and you should only do business with people who use a formal contract. The more expectations are known the higher the probability that services requested and services delivered will match.

What about raw footage, do we get a copy of it?

Raw footage from your final product is available for a small fee if requested.

What if my family or company wants a copy of the DVD that was produced?

Additional DVD’s are $35, BluRay are $50.

When can we expect the final video product?

For wedding customers our turn-around time is typically 30-60 days or less and commercial customers range on each project.

Are we able to make changes to the final video?

We are open to minor edits with regards to name spellings or cutting small areas of footage. If you are interested in helping produce the final product, we are open to providing you with collaboration project management services. This is handy for our customized packages for weddings and commercial customers.

Do you interview guests at the wedding?

We typically come up with a plan with our customers ahead of time so that all expectations are known. If you want us to interview certain people to add that special touch, we are willing to accommodate that request as long as it it written down ahead of the event and agreed to.

Do you have any hidden or additional fees?

No, all fees are known up front and spelled out in the contract. That is why we use a contract so that everyone is clear on the terms and the relationship.