Why Ella Bella Productions


While videography is not a necessity at a wedding finding a quality videographer for your wedding can be difficult. By the time it’s time to look for videographer’s the buzz of looking for wedding vendors has most likely worn off. Really, it’s more than just looking at the work posted on a web site. It’s about chemistry and customer service. Our staff at Ella Bella Productions is fantastic at making sure our customers are well taken care of prior to the wedding, during the wedding and throughout the editing and final product delivery process.

In our opinion, a video needs to have several things in order to be acceptable in our world of standards. Yes, that’s right, we have high standards. Those include angles that change and with an artistic flare. A story that incorporates your needs and captures all the emotions of that day. Of course, little tidbits of love and joy that capture any viewer whether they are mom and dad or your best friend from college and even that Matron of Honor who you hold dear to your heart.

While it’s important to be able to tell a great story, it’s just as important to have the right equipment. Each video we shoot, we professionally record it with the best 3 chip technology available. With 4K televisions now on the market capturing the best quality for you can make a difference in the long run. Additionally, having the right people behind those cameras with the right artistic backgrounds and desires along with a normal personality will only add value to your overall feelings of the experiences with us.

Want to learn more? Let’s meet-up and talk about our guarantee and how it ensures your satisfaction of the product and our relationship. Don’t settle!