Drone Videography


Ever wanted to capture something on video from the air via a Drone? Ella Bella Productions now offers Drone Videography services in Madison, Wisconsin and Rockford, Illinois’ areas. Some of our more popular clients include people interested in capturing wedding ceremonies, real estate listings, on the water sporting events, agriculture, construction inspection, live music events and corporate events.

Ella Bella Productions wants to show you the BIGGER PICTURE. Drone Videography provides our customers with the unique opportunities to showcase, promote or intrigue the viewer. “Really Drone Videography is about telling a better story that captures the viewer’s attention better than traditional methods,” says Matthew Long of Ella Bella Productions in Madison.

Our drone shoots in 4K technologies and has the ability to stay flying for well over most project needs. We can easily provide intelligent cinematic shots with ease of both speed and smoothness. If you are interested in learning more about these services email us.

About Ella Bella Productions:

EllaBella Productions, based in Madison, WI, specializes in wedding and commercial videography. We have created videos with a wide array of styles and techniques. Your project is a “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”​ and we understand how important it is to help you capture the emotion and details of it. We provide custom packages with personalized service for all budgets.